Sharps and Syringe Disposal Container Service

No matter the industry, staff and customer safety is paramount. Since sharps are such a big issue, having a dedicated sharps disposal container is essential. You also have a legal obligation to have somewhere secure for your sharps, and to have a sharps disposal plan in place. This is where our range of sharps containers for disposal come in to help.

We have a broad range of syringe disposal systems that tick all of your boxes from loose collection vessels for your employees to use to secure and lockable containers in a few different sizes. You can get durable steel sharps containers to dispose of your syringes, and they have a sturdy dual locking system. Our sharps disposal containers come made out of puncture-resistant plastic that meets all of the necessary Australian standards.

Allow Ozifresh to Take Care of Your Sharps Disposal

Our trained and professional staff also take care of your sharps container disposal when you fill it. You simply get in touch with our staff, and we'll come directly to your location and collect the container. We bring the sharps containers back to our facility and place them in specialised collection bins.

Once we fill our collection bins, we contact our registered waste companies that specialise in syringe disposal. They come in, pick up the sharps containers and perform safe and effective sharps disposal.

If you need an ongoing pickup service, we can schedule sharps container disposal days where we automatically send our staff to your facility or location and take your sharps containers. If you're not sure how fast you'll fill your sharps containers, you can give us a call when they get full, and we'll come by and get them.

Why Choose Ozifresh for Your Syringe Disposal?

It's simple; our clients know that they'll get fast and efficient service by highly trained staff each time they work with our company. We bring decades of combined experience combined with extensive training that ensures we follow all of the most recent rules and regulations.

Do you need sharps disposal? Maybe you need containers that can lock or you have questions or concerns. Either way, we want to hear from you! You can reach out and get in touch with our staff today and ask about our sharps container disposal. We're ready to help in any way we can!

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