Natural Insect Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent

All natural Pyrethrin insect sprays provide an excellent deterrent for all unwanted 6 legged visitors in your premises. Using the same controlled timer as our air freshener system, these fully programmable units greatly decrease insects in a diverse number of locations - washrooms, eating areas, waste areas, loading docks, restaurants and bars.

These units are effective in eating areas with their natural ingredients that are not harmful - keeping the area pleasant for patrons and staff without using overpowering and harmful aerosols.

Bugs are constant companions to humans and animals alike, especially here in Australia. It doesn’t mean that you have to suffer under their attack. If you want a home free from spiders, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, moths, silverfish, and many other bugs, it’s time to get the most effective insect spray in the land.

Organic Insect Spray Safe for Pets and Humans

Ozifresh is a public-certified enemy to all unwanted insects and bugs. Using potent pyrethrin formulations, our insect sprays and repellents are lethal to all bugs in your home yet remains safe to pets, kids, and adults in the house.

Pyrethrins are a 100% natural extract from pyrethrum daisies grown and processed here in Australia. They have been shown to be quick-acting and reliable in repelling insects and killing those that come too near. Being organic, it is safe for large animals and especially humans so that you can spray away without fear of toxic hazard.

Most Effective Insect Repellent Australia

Just because it's safe for humans, doesn’t mean that Ozifresh insect spray is friendly with bugs. Quite the opposite, in fact, because our proprietary formulation has been keeping Australian homes free of dangerous bugs for years.

The range of Ozifresh insect repellent and killing sprays is trusted not only for residential use, but also for commercial application in restaurants, outdoor cafes, office buildings, institutions, and more. If you want effective bug control for public and commercial premises, request a free quote now for services in QLD, VIC, and all Australia.

Automatic Insect Spray for 24 Hr Protection

Instead of having to spray every time you hear or see a bug visiting, how about you get hassle-free 24-hour protection? Our unique insect repellent dispenser units use sophisticated ultrasonic technology to disperse the insect repellent fluid safely and effectively throughout your home.

All you have to do is refill regularly with Ozifresh insect repellent and watch the magic. Your home will be clear of insects, flying and crawling, and you will not even notice any odours, irritation, sounds, or any other side effects. 

That is the power of Ozifresh insect sprays - you can count on us to keep you safe always from six and eight-legged little terrorists.

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