Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser

Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser

Freshen Up Your Bathroom with Our Air Freshener Dispenser

Bathroom odour can reflect poorly on your business. To aid in combatting these harmful smells, Ozifresh has the latest in air freshener dispenser technology. These smart units deliver measured doses of fragrance at fully programmable intervals to ensure your public bathroom, and your business is smelling fresh at all times of the day and night.

Ozifresh uses high quality aromatherapy based fragrances with differing levels of strength. These fragrances provide an effective odour control system in areas of heavy usage as well as areas that require a more subtle fragrance that is not too overpowering. Our fully trained staff also service and maintain the unit, to ensure no nasty surprises happen in the odour department.

No matter what your business, at Ozifresh we have the products and services you need to keep it hygienic and smelling great! Our air freshener units are available to small and large businesses in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Contact our team to get your free quote today.


Not just air fresheners: offering a comprehensive selection of hygiene options

At Ozifresh, we pride ourselves on being flexible and reliable, because every customer is different and every bathroom has a unique set of needs. We cater for all scenarios and situations, sourcing our products from local providers and manufacturers wherever possible.

Our range of products are of the highest quality available at the most cost-effective prices, and include:

 One thing’s for sure, that whether you are a small business owner or operating a large company, it’s important that your bathrooms are world-class.


 Request a free quote for our air freshener service today

At Ozifresh, we believe that it’s the little things that count, and we have done since we opened in 1984. For nearly 40 years, we have been a proud Australian owned and operated business. We’re an industry leader when it comes to keeping your bathrooms sanitary and your air fresh.

Our wide range of products and services will fight malodour and make your bathroom areas fresh and appealing environments. Our air freshener dispenser units can also be utilised in other rooms that might create odours, including lunch rooms, locker rooms and laundry rooms.

Our air freshener dispenser units are available throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Request your free quote today by filling out our enquiry form. If you would like any more information about any of our products and services, please contact our friendly team today.

QLD: 1800 26 10 50

VIC: 1800 29 29 00

Are you searching for a quality air freshener? If so, Ozifresh offers air fresheners for bathrooms, gyms, reception areas and anywhere that malorodur is an issue.  We source from the best and most names in the industry. We understand how vital it is to your business to have a clean smelling restroom, and installing an air freshener dispenser goes a long way to combating this common problem. 

Ozifresh Offers Sleek Air Freshener Dispenser for Businesses

We use the newest technology in our air freshener dispenser line that allows you to choose the strength and interval that it goes off. When you combine this with our quality aromatherapy-based fragrances, it's easy to see why both small and large businesses turn to us whenever they need a bathroom air freshener. 

They know that they'll get a sleek bathroom air freshener that our staff will place in the optimal position for room-filling scents. We understand how difficult it can be to combat odours, and we want to make it something you never have to worry about. You simply set our air freshener and let it run. When you need a refill, you don’t need to lift a finger, we will do everything for you. From changing the batteries, changing the canisters or servicing the machines.

We stand behind our products, and we have dozens of satisfied customers across Australia that know they'll get nothing but the best when they order from Ozifresh. This is why we have such a solid reputation, and we want you to experience what it's like to have a dedicated company working for you. 

Contact Ozifresh Today! 

If you need an air freshener refill or an air freshener dispenser, we have a wide range of styles and scents to suit your needs. Whether you are a fan of citrus, lavender, vanilla, floral or more, we have a huge range to appeal to your senses. For questions, or if you don't know which one will work better for you, get in touch with our staff.

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