Urinal Wash

Urinal Wash

Ozifresh provides clean, reliable and hygienic urinal sanitising products that are customised to suit your bathroom requirements. There are a number of effective solutions that are at the forefront of urinal technology. All our urinal products are designed to enhance the controlled conditions created by our urinal deep cleaning processes. Our urinal products help remove and prevent all scale and uric acid build up from the urinal and drain pipe, destroying malodour at the source.

Urinal ‘wash’ is automatically dispersed with each flush and coats the surface of the urinal with a thin film, preventing the adherence of solids and enabling easier cleaning. The units are installed so they slowly permeate through the water supply and create a cleaning agent that will go to work every time the urinal is used.

Urinal biotabs are an encapsulated bio enzyme tablet that sit in the urinal trough or porcelain cistern. These contain strong odour counteracting enzyme that fight the bacteria, breaking it down and removing its odour creating components.

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