Toilet Seat Wipes

The highest hygiene standard is essential in busy washroom areas and for both your client and staffs peace of mind, sanitation of the toilet seat is a service that has become increasingly popular. To ensure surfaces are rid of germs and bacteria our smart sanitisers deliver an efficient environmentally friendly solution. Simply sprayed onto some bathroom tissue, the ethanol mist removes all the hidden problems that can sometimes be present on the toilet seat.

Prioritise bathroom hygiene by using toilet wipes that work to reduce the spread of germs in public washrooms. Ozifresh toilet seat wipes contain an antibacterial formula that disinfects the surface, making more hygienic points of contact for users. Impress customers and employees alike by maintaining pristine bathrooms with the help of toilet seat cleaners from Ozifresh.

Why Choose Ozifresh for Sanitising Toilet Wipes?

The average toilet seat holds as many as 5 million microorganisms per square centimetre. This makes public washrooms a prime area for the spread of infectious diseases. Our toilet seat cleaners kill bacteria and contain an odour-preventing agent that keeps washrooms smelling clean and fresh.

Reliable Cleaning Products for Peace of Mind

Our toilet seat wipes and cleaners make your washrooms a more pleasant and sanitary environment and allow you to:

  • Give your clients, visitors and employees peace of mind
  • Maintain compliance with government hygiene standards
  • Reduce odours and improve the overall bathroom experience
  • Reduce the risk of infections spreading in your workplace or public space

Professional-Grade Products

The fight against bacteria and diseases in public spaces is never-ending, and shared washrooms are one area where it is particularly important to maintain good hygiene. Our professional-grade toilet seat wipes and other cleaning products make it easy to combat washroom germs.

OziFresh is Here to Help You

Through our branches in Victoria and Queensland, we offer professional, high-quality cleaning products and reliable hygiene services to clients in a variety of industries, including hospitality, retail and education. Contact us today to learn more about our toilet wipes, toilet seat cleaners and other sanitising products, and find out how we can help your organisation maintain a safe and hygienic environment in your shared bathrooms.


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