Hand Sanitisers & Dispensers

Hand Sanitisers & Dispensers

With a heightened awareness of hygiene and exponential increase in hand cleanliness, waterless hand sanitising is a huge requirement for every business.  Here at Ozifresh we are providing a number of options to cover every scenario your business may require.

We utilise local established manufacturers that deliver a reliable supply flow for all your needs.  We manufacture a 70% alcohol sanitiser that can be bottled in bulk or in individual packs.  For those looking for an effective, alcohol free alternative we have a BAC sanitiser.

We have automated and manual dispenser solutions that can be wall mounted or utilised on our range of stands.  We have provided 100’s of branded stands at significantly economical pricing that will help you protect your staff and clients, as well as stand out from the crowd.

  • 70% Alcohol Sanitiser (60ml, 500ml, 5ltrs)
  • BAC Alcohol Free Sanitiser (240ml Foam packs, 5ltrs)
  • Auto foam / liquid / spray Dispensers
  • Manual foam / liquid / spray Dispensers
  • Branded Sanitiser Stands
  • Basic Sanitiser Stands 
  • Hand Sanitiser Stations

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Ozifresh industry leaders in sanitisation & hygiene products and services, we are happy to inform you that our services are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne.

The Everlasting Importance of Hygiene

The hygiene industry has been paramount throughout time in helping to reduce and eliminate contagion. Today, it is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy life. It is equally important in your home and in the workplace. If you want to make sure that all your facilities are well maintained and functional, Ozifresh is your go-to partner.

We can help you improve the quality of your washroom facilities in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne. With us, by your side, you will not only help your employees maintain proper hygiene but also delight your customers with easy to use products that use technology to assist in no contact.

Comprehensive Range of Reliable Products

Here at Ozifresh, we only have one goal - to help you maintain proper hygiene in your facilities. To be able to do it, we offer a comprehensive range of reliable products. In our packages, you will be able to find:

  • Hand sanitiser dispenser

  • Wall-mounted hand sanitiser

  • Wall-mounted hand sanitiser holder

  • Foam hand sanitiser dispenser

Since hygiene is very important, we use modern solutions to help you effortlessly improve it. Our offer also includes hand sanitiser dispenser, hand sanitiser dispenser wall-mounted products, and hand sanitiser wall holders. We even went one step further to offer you automatic hand sanitisers, no-touch hand sanitiser dispensers, and waterless hand sanitiser dispensers. 

Dependable Services

Ozifresh employees are highly trained and experienced. They are equipped with proper tools and the latest washroom hygiene technology to deliver dependable services. Whether you want to install an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser stand, hand sanitiser stand, or hand sanitiser station, our team will be able to do it without disrupting your business. 

Our services also encompass installation and maintenance of hand sanitiser wall dispensers, wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers, and foam hand sanitiser wall dispensers. 

Why Choose Ozifresh

Thanks to our network of offices and experienced teams, we are able to reach you Australia wide. We offer a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs. Choose us, and you will get access to high-quality products and dependable services to streamline your efforts to maintain proper hygiene.

Contact us today and we can tailor a solution to your business.

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