Disinfection Services That Can Help Eliminate Virus

Disinfection Services That Can Help Eliminate Virus

Preventing virus outbreaks with sanitisation and fog protection

The last thing anyone wants in their business is a virus outbreak. The downtime from workers getting sick and the building being closed and quarantined can be a huge financial cost that you likely can’t afford. Precautionary disinfection services can help avoid this outcome.

Sanitisation for hands and surfaces

The best way to keep viruses at bay is with a combination of sanitisation solutions. Using hands-free hand sanitisers that contain 60% or higher alcohol by volume and a range of regular disinfectant cleaning services can help stop viral transmission in the office by killing any viral particles on both hard and soft surfaces.

Outbreak fog protection

To go a step further, an OziFresh Hospital Grade Fogging is one of our disinfectant cleaning services that creates a residual barrier to fight viruses for up to 28 days after application. It is best applied in conjunction with other disinfection services to remove all opportunities for viruses to evolve and spread in any given workspace.

For business or home disinfection service contact us at OziFresh right away. With 40 years leading the industry we know how to effectively sanitise, and can keep you, your family and your employees safe with our business or home disinfection service.


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