Benefits Of Using Automatic Soap Dispensers

Benefits Of Using Automatic Soap Dispensers

With the growing need to uphold hygiene practices, bathroom sanitation is more closely scrutinised by businesses. An automatic soap dispenser is an attractive solution that comes with several benefits for public and private bathrooms.

Protect against the spread of germs

An automatic hand soap dispenser is a great way to minimise the spread of germs by eliminating the need to use a pump or button. A touchless system ensures that there is no cross-contamination between users, which is especially important in areas where there is a high volume of traffic.

An attractive bathroom addition

At Ozifresh, you can find automatic hand soap dispensers in a range of sleek and minimalistic designs that seamlessly mould to the aesthetic of your bathroom. It’s an attractive and convenient alternative to a bar of soap or a pump bottle that may deteriorate after multiple uses.

Economical and low maintenance

You can regulate the amount of soap your business or customers consume with an auto soap dispenser. Each quantity of soap is controlled which minimises the potential for wastage. They’re easy to maintain as well — simply refill the container after finishing and close the lid.

Explore our range of hygiene solutions

We’re industry leaders in providing odour control and washroom hygiene to businesses across Australia for almost 40 years. Our extensive range of hygiene solutions offers the latest in sanitisers and dispensers, bathroom and general office supplies for any business environment. With a streamlined manufacturing and delivery process, we’ve developed a reputation for providing reliable and high-quality service.

Whatever your hygiene requirement, Ozifresh has the right product to keep your business fresh and clean. To enquire about our auto soap dispensers — contact us today!

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